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Avi Fisher Founding Principal, Avery Hall Investments

I've been training with Dexter/Bliss for nearly 3 years. Whether working through a knee injury with intense flexibility and stretching regiments or training for a marathon using low impact circuit training routines, Dexter's knowledge of how best to train is supreme. His commitment to improving my body's health, coupled with his flexibility on schedule has made training the best decision I've made for to stay in optimal physical condition.

Jason Teich President and General Counsel, Allen School

I have worked with Dexter for three years and he has been great. I had herniated discs in my upper back on multiple occasions prior to working with Dex for which I had to have repeated epidurals. I have not had any issues since we started. He strengthened my core and we do exercises that help my posture. I have also lost about 20 pounds and kept that weight off. Dex continues to come up with exciting, fun, and creative exercises. I actually see other trainers watch and copy some of his stuff. Dex is a great guy who truly cares about his clients and enjoys seeing their gains. I consider him a friend more than my trainer. I highly recommend trying him out.

Phil H.

I have been working with trainers for the past 20 years. The last 4 years I have been working exclusively with Dexter and I can say without reservation he is the best trainer I have ever had. I have significant issues with both my shoulders as a result of sport injuries in high school. My right shoulder regularly dislocates and I have limited range of motion in both shoulders. Dexter started me on an intense program of shoulder rehabilitation and strengthening around the rotator cuff. As a result the pain in my shoulders has subsided and I have significantly increased my range of motion. I can even sleep on my side now, something I was not able to do before because of shoulder pain. He has substantially increased the functionality of my body substantially.

Robyn Velardo

I started working out with Dexter in the fall of 2013, and now 4 years later he is still my go to.  When we first started to work out, I was looking to be re-energized for work outs, and was meeting with Dexter twice a week.  I quickly found fun in our workouts, and looked forward to what we would do at each session.  Dexter always went the extra mile and would give me workouts to do on my own if I was ever traveling or even just between our sessions.

I continued to work out with Dex to prep for my wedding, meeting my goals, and then through my pregnancy.  Dexter stayed very informed on what I could and could not do, and what would help most for after the baby.  Now, 7 weeks out, I can honestly say that those workouts made not just my pregnancy more comfortable, but my recovery and ease back into working out as well.

Dexter is a true partner in helping to achieve any fitness goal, and as an added bonus is just fun to spend time with while you are working out!

Katie Stranahan

Having Dexter for a training session is a highlight of each week. Dexter has the ability to meet you where you are both physically and mentally, and help you make progress towards your fitness goals bit by bit. His knack for grasping who each client is and what type of workout they want is unparalleled. Having worked with other trainers in the past, I feel so fortunate to have found Dexter. With Dexter, I know I have someone in my corner who will challenge me to always try my best, while allowing me the flexibility to have my ‘off’ days. Beyond providing focused attention during training sessions, Dexter also affords clients the tools and support they need to advance towards their goals throughout the week. From my time with Dexter, I better understand how my body works and what I can do on my own to improve my fitness. With his holistic approach to his clients, extensive knowledge of his field and overall fun attitude, Dexter is simply the best trainer one could ask for.

Matt Evans

Dexter is the best trainer I've ever had, for two reasons.  First, every session is fun and different.  Variety is important to me and he always keeps the workouts new and interesting.  Second, he really listens to your goals and does everything to help.  So if it's mobility, endurance, or strength you're after, Dexter will design a personalized fitness plan just for you.

Ben Habermann

I've been working with Dex for over three years now and I continue to see and feel amazing results. He's clearly passionate and knowledgable about his craft, and he's thoughtful in his approach to ensure that my fitness improves holistically in terms of strength, flexibility, and balance. When I first started with Dex, I could barely do one pull-up. This past week we did three sets of 10 at the end of a tough upper body workout. There's no way I'd be where I'm at today without him. He's also just a great presence to be around and I leave each session having had a few laughs and feeling better all the way around. 

Leslie Ramirez-Fisher, Esq.

I worked with Dexter for about six years. We started out with basics to improve my flexibility and strength. Within weeks I stopped wearing knee sleeves that I wore all the time when working out. Not only that, the daily stiffness of my arthritia was no longer get a bother.

My strength continued to improve, but Dexter continued to emphasize flexibility, because he could tell whenever I lagged on my own. I felt so good, we started working on sports specific exercises. I play basketball once a week. With Dexter, I improved my stamina, agility, ball handling and shooting. I had no problem staying competitive with women half my age.

Dexter is a trainer that can help you in areas you want but will stay in your ear about what you need. His workouts are fun and challenging. I whole heartedly recommend him to anyone seeking to get and stay in shape.

Amy Bell

Oh my gosh! Where do I begin? Dexter is the best! Dexter has been my trainer for over 4 years. I was assigned to him to do a complimentary evaluation for me after joining a gym and never did I think I would have a personal trainer. I am not one who loves working out or going to the gym. But Dexter has made it fun from the beginning! He pushes me to do things I would never do alone! I am definitely stronger and more confident to work out at any gym now. Every session is completely different so it's never boring or routine. He's a great guy, an amazing listener and would recommend him to anyone. You won't be disappointed!




Dexter Saldana


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